4 Useful Handmade Gifts



Homemade gifts are a wonderful way of bringing the Spirit of Giving into Christmas. Most kids love getting crafty and making something special for a loved one, and it can be a really lovely family experience to sit down and create together. While we encourage everything crafty and love coming together to create, handmade gifts have one major drawback: they can become dust collecting trinkets.

Most of us have a spaghetti necklace tucked away in a drawer or a painted plaster elephant sitting on the shelf, and eventually these end up boxed away in the garage or in the bin. With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of really useful gifts that kids can make (with a bit of adult help) that will stand the dust collecting test!


  1. Teatowels: So very useful! and if the recipient is particularly in love with it, they can frame it and display it.

dsc_1539 Fat Quarter Teatowels (pictured above)


Potato Stamp Printed Teatowel



2. Picture Frames: because everyone loves a one of a kind picture frame!


Painted Wood Frame using paintbrushes (pictured above) http://blog.consumercrafts.com/decor-home/painted-frame-craft-for-kids/

Painted Wood Frame using corks



3. Tote Bag: because everybody shops!


The Quick Sew Bag


The No Sew T shirt Bag (pictured above)



4. Rope Baskets: for keys, fruit, collecting. And so many different ways to decorate them! Paint them, dye them, use coloured string, attach buttons, glue bits and bobs on them.

img_4866-1Lots of ideas here


Standard Sewn Bowl (pictured above)


No Sew Just Glue Gun Bowl http://www.brit.co/diy-rope-bowls/


5. BONUS BOWLS! Just a couple of extra ways to make beautiful bowls that are so very useful! bowl2

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Bowl (pictured above)



Bowl made from Magazine Paper (pictured above)



There you go! Hope you’re inspired to make some useful gifts!




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